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    After passing this store numerous times, I decided to check em out to see what kind of products they sale. Just an advice, don't be deceived from the way it appears from the outside, it may look small through the doors and windows but the moment you walk you, you'll be AMAZED at the amount of products they offer.

    If you're a HUGE NFL fan, they basically have everything you may be looking for from polo shirts, flags, blankets, bags, jerseys, cups, hats, mini helmets, socks and the list can go on and on. The thing I also found fascinating is that they don't just sell sports products, but also sell the local kine brands and MANY Pro Club shirts.

    If you take a look at their products, they're AUTHENTIC but yet with a low sales price. When I was looking at their Emmitt Smith (for all you Cowboys fan, they have other jerseys as well), the lettering, numbers and logos were stitched but yet it was only for $75! Keep in mind, the price varies depending on size. If I remember correctly, if the NFL jerseys were from Small to Large, they were $65 and the price goes up from there. If they don't have the size you were looking for, just ask them and they'll be more than gladly to order them for you.

    The store is a family business and it's run by a local family. They are great people and very easy to get along with. They will constantly ask you if everything is going good for you.

    The location is great because for 1) You can see it on Farrington Highway by Pacific Supermarket in Waipahu, 2) It's right next to the bus stop so while you wait for your bus, stop by the store to check em out and 3) It's surrounded by different restaurants to eat at.

    Check em out and you won't be disappointed!

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    Great Prices on their pro club t-shirts and a lot of NFL accessories, Especially The Champs New England Patriots...

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